While mobile phone operator 3 maybe busy getting ITV soaps like Coronation Street on your mobile, soon British mobile users will be able to tune in to the first British soap series to be made exclusively for mobile phones.

The series, called Brick-it, will launch at the end of January 2006 with a new 5 minute episode available every weekday to all video enabled phones.

Created by a production team whose experience includes working on Eyes Wide Shut and Shakespeare in Love, the story follows the day to day life of four kids; Mac, James, George and Bex and will cover issues currently found in Hollyoaks.

The series is expected to be shot and filmed in a 24 style experience with the usual cliffhanger everyday to ensure you tune in for the next installment.

Subscribers will receive each episode overnight allowing them to watch it anytime and anywhere throughout the day.

Farringdon Road Films director Henry Mason, who directs the soap itself, comments "This represents a major step-change in the production of downloadable content. Written and shot entirely for mobiles, we have produced an exciting and highly addictive soap series that people will be able to watch wherever they are, whenever they have five minutes to spare. This is surely the future of entertainment".

The company has yet to sign an agreement with any operator to show the film or set a price to view the content. What it has promised however is that it will be available on standard GSM phones rather than just 3G handsets.