Hulger the company famous for taking old-fashioned telephone handsets and giving them a new lease of life as a handset for mobile phones has launched two new designs in time for Christmas.

The PIP*PHONE and PENELOPE*PHONE add two new and distinct characters to HULGER's collection.

The PENELOPE*PHONE echoes the famous Bakelite phones of the 30s.

The PIP*PHONE is brutally simple and echoes 80s style, but affords even cleaner lines by dropping fussy functionality. A speaker, a microphone, a button and a flat, slim body. Nothing else is required.

“The P*PHONE and PENELOPE*PHONE are quite bulky and so are not ideal for the pocket. That's why we created the PIP*PHONE, a more wearable model that is also more discrete to use in public”, said Hulger in a press statement.

Both models come either wired or as Bluetooth (wireless) and work either with mobile/cell-phones or with PCs for Voice-Over-IP either via the SKYPE certified Y*CABLE (wired) or Bluetooth (wireless).

PIP*PHONE available in Yellow & Black, Black & Black or White & Black
PENELOPE*PHONE available in Black, Maroon or Ivory.

PIP*PHONE costs £46 and the PENELOPE*PHONE costs £50. Bluetooth versions will set you back £86 for the PIP*PHONE and £90 for the PENELOPE*PHONE.

There are only 200 of the Bluetooth units available at this time.