T-Mobile today announces the arrival of its latest SmartPhone in its new Web‘n'walk range, the Sidekick II. The new device, which features the iconic swivel screen found in the first model will feature T-Mobile's Web'n'walk service enabling you to surf the Internet as well as a host of other internet-based functions like instant messaging.

The device, which is virtually identical to the first Sidekick features a full QWERTY keypad, a large colour screen, and VGA digital camera.

Images are instantly stored online in a back-up gallery or on the onboard 32 MB ROM and 16MB flash memory storage.

The also offers instant online back-up and synchronisation with email, calendar, contacts, notes made when out and about.

The Sidekick II took the US by storm - with celebrities such as Demi Moore, Paris Hilton, Jennifer Anison, and Justin Timberlake among its fans.

Available from today, the Sidekick II will be available through T-Mobile retail stores and online, from £30 per month. The cost of the device is dependent on the price plan selected and the most a customer would pay is £49.99.

However with the launch, American websites are already talking of a third version in the works.