Next time you see David Beckham texting love letters on a mobile it might just be a new BenQ Siemens model following the announcement that the newly formed mobile phone company is to carry on sponsorship of Real Madrid football team under the new name.

The sponsoring agreement will put the BenQ Siemens logo on the jerseys of the Spanish football giants for another 5 years until 2010. From the 2006/2007 season onwards.

Besides showing the logo on the club jerseys, this sponsoring deal also places BenQ Siemens on advertising spaces in Real's home-stadium the Santiago Bernabeu.

BenQ hope that the affiliation with the superstar club will pay off when it comes to selling mobile phones when the company takes over the troubled Siemens mobile phone business.

“More than almost any other club, Real Madrid stands for professionalism, quality, teamwork and best entertainment. Hence it exemplifies precisely what it is that sets our mobile phones apart: the combination of top quality, passion, fascination and enjoyment for technology”, says Clemens Joos, CEO of BenQ Mobile.

Another reason for BenQ's involvement maybe to get access to Real's impressive line-up such as Raul, Robinho, David Beckham, Zinedine Zidane and Ronaldo.