T-Mobile has launched a new service that promises to bring the Internet to the mobile, but in an easier to use form, than its current offerings.

Called web‘n'walk, all the handsets in the range are pre-configured to connect immediately to the Internet. Google is on the start page together with T-Mobile Favourites, linking to many of the websites most popular amongst UK surfers, including Amazon, Sky, lastminute.com, BBC, Argos, Yell.com, Multimap, BAA, and the RAC.

There is no limitation or restriction on the websites that customers can access - other than that, by default, the content lock is switched on, in order to protect minors from inappropriate content. The content lock can be switched-off on request by adults aged 18 or over.

T-Mobile plan to offer three tariff bands. Each provides 40MB of data usage a month and bundles this with voice minutes. The difference in monthly tariff reflects the number of voice minutes. Voice minutes are to any mobile or UK fixed line phones, any time, any day. Contracts are for 18 months.

Web'n'walk will launch with five devices, and the range will increase to eight before Christmas. The initial five are: MDA Pro, MDA Compact, SDA II, Nokia N70 and Nokia 6630

With the MDA Compact II, MDA Vario and Sidekick II following shortly after launch.

T-Mobile, has also announced the availability of BlackBerry Connect on its MDA III Microsoft Pocket PC while Orange UK has announced the availability of the service on the Nokia 9300 smartphone.