The company behind PC World, Currys, Dixons and The Link stores today announced that it was entering the VoIP market by offering a VoIP service called FreeTalk.

While the service isn't actually free - it will cost you £79.99 for the first year for an adapter and to have access to free unlimited calls to UK landlines for a year and then £6.99 per month thereafter - the company does promise users with a broadband connection the ability to make calls at a fraction of the cost that they would via a standard telephone line.

The company also claimed to be the first to be offering such a service temporarily forgetting about Skype, Vonage, and a host of other services including the VoIP phone from online gadget store (pictured) already servicing the UK public in the VoIP department.

Announcing the launch of Freetalk, Simon Turner, divisional managing director of DSG International PLC, said: "We're delighted to be the first retailer in the UK to offer customers next generation telephone services at the lowest price on the market. This is the most significant development in the telephone market since the launch of the mobile phone and will transform the way we use phones. The days of old-style fixed-line phone calls are numbered".

Customers can buy Freetalk adapters from their nearest PC World, Currys and The Link stores and from 50 Dixons stores from Thursday.

The service is an "all-in-the box solution" and will allow customers to make unlimited calls to UK landlines, discounted calls to UK mobile phones and very low cost calls to international numbers, saving substantially over the tariffs offered by other telephone service providers in the UK.

For £79.99, customers buy the adapter and have access to free unlimited calls to UK landlines for a year. After the first year, customers will be charged a low £6.99 per month, which will cover unlimited UK landline calls.