Another week, another VoIP phone. This time it's from DU@Lphone who is pitching itself as the world's first cordless two-in-one phone for internet and ordinary telephony.

Users can use the DU@Lphone to make calls via a PC using Skype service or they can plug it into your existing telephone line and use it as a conventional DECT handset.

The phone connects to a spare USB socket and as long as your computer is on your can speak to other Skype customers from anywhere in your house up to a range of 50m from the base station using a standard-sized cordless phone.

For ordinary telephone calls you simply dial the number and press the other green button. Different ring-tones can be set up to distinguish between internet and ordinary telephones and a call log (up to 30 entries) records who has phoned either via the internet or ordinary telephone line along with the date and time of the call.

The unit is promising 6.5 hours of talk time and 100 hours standby time.
The DU@Lphone will cost around £80 and is the only certified DECT Skype USB phone on the market.