A UK based company is hoping to offer mobile phone users a new voice-to-text solution that will allow them to dictate voicemail messages that are then transcribed to text and then sent via SMS or email.

Callers use a dedicated premium rate telephone number to relay anything from a short memo to a full sales call report. Transcribed text can then either be sent to a colleague or friend or back to the caller's own email address for further editing later.

Calls to the premium rate number cost 1.7p/sec so a typical 10 sec Voice-to-Text message would cost 17p.

In addition to the UK premium rate billing model MyJotter offers per-transcribed-word monthly billing to corporates based in the UK, US and Canada.

MyJotter plans to introduce further, pre-paid account facilities later this year that will then be progressively rolled out to additional countries around the world.

Alternatively, corporate accounts use a toll free number and are charged on a per-word basis at a rate of 1p per transcribed word.

You can try the service at