PhotoBox, the online photo delevoping and storage site today followed mobile operators and added a feature to allow users of the service to send mobile postcards to each other using a a picture message enabled mobile phone.

With the service, camera phone users can now take a picture while away on holiday and have it delivered as a postcard to friends and family at home the very next day, using only a mobile camera phone.

According to the blurb, all you have to do is take a picture, add your message and send a MMS to You will receive a SMS text message prompting you to reply to it with the postal address. Once you have responded the postcard will be printed and mailed first class.

Similar to offerings from the mobile operators, the postcards will cost £1.50 including VAT, can be sent from any MMS enabled location, dependent on the network operator. Cards sent before 3pm UK time will be printed and posted via first class mail on the same day.