Around two million text messages where sent to Live 8 organisers yesterday as music fans hoped to get one of the lucky tickets for the London event.

The lottery went live at 8am and gives users the chance to win tickets to the Live 8 event, which aims to raise public awareness of global poverty and encourage world leaders to take more action ahead of the G8 summit next month.

With only 150,000 tickets available, unfortunately there won't be enough for everyone. What is enough however is the money raised - a cool £3million - on the first day to pay for the £1.6m compensation to the Prince's Trust and the first £1.4m towards the costs of the event.

Mobile operator O2 is providing the mechanism for the free ticket distribution of Live 8 in Hyde Park.

Winners are picked at random from a database of everyone who answered a multiple choice quiz question correctly.

Each message costs £1.50 along with the standard network charge and competitors must be 16-years-old or older.