PalmOne has finally confirmed the rumours on the internet and launched a PDA with a 4Gb built-in hard drive, wi-fi, Bluetooth, and a 320x480 colour screen.

"LifeDrive is versatile. For the business executive, it's a personal mobile briefcase; for the photo enthusiast, it's a camera companion." said Ken Wirt, senior vice president of worldwide marketing for palmOne.

The 4GB Hitachi Microdrive weighs less than a AA battery, is smaller than a matchbook and transfers data 30 percent faster than the previous-generation Microdrive, so users can get to their music, pictures, data more quickly.

With 3.85GB of usable storage PalmOne is expecting the device to be able to hold: 1,200 office documents; 6,000 emails; 1,000 photos; 300 songs; 2.5 hours of video; 50 voicemails; 10,000 contacts; and 10,000 appointments.

Users will also be able to use the LifeDrive as a standard USB drive to transfer files to any PC or Macintosh

The expansion card slot, which supports SD, SDIO and MultiMediaCard formats means you will be able to use the device as a camera companion with the unit supporting instant playback.

The LifeDrive ships in the UK on 26 May, for £329.