Realising that the UK has over 15 million old mobile handsets wallowing about in our drawers and cupboards a UK company has set up a website called to take your phone off your hands and recycle it. It is also promising to give 10 per cent of the cash in takes in the sale to ChildLine

The site is priding itself on its easy of use and the ability to sell your phone in three easy steps. Depending on the model you have to sell and the condition will depend on the price you get. A excellent condition t68 will reap you £4 where as a average conditioned Nokia 6230 will get you £35.

Once you've filled in your details you have to send the phone to them freepost and then they send you a cheque. Using an environmentally friendly process, Mopay recycles handsets and refurbishes them for resale to telecoms companies in the developing world.