Next time you go down the pub, make sure you've got your mobile phone with you, as UK company i-movo who has teamed up with Inspire networks is planning on rolling out a system that will allow you to get complimentary drinks via your phone.

Using I-movo's mobile marketing platform, drinks companies will be able to run voucher redemption schemes via text message using equipment through equipment that is currently in pubs and bars already.

Having opted in to the scheme, the customer receives a text message containing a unique voucher number for a free drink, with details of where and the time period when the voucher is valid.

The customer can then go to the venue and claim the voucher via a machine. That machine prints out a paper voucher and this is exchanged for a beer or whatever is being promoted., already runs a similar service with the Corney & Barrow bars in the UK. It has said it will too be adopting the service.