Following today's launch of Robbie Williams Greatest Hits album, digital music lovers or more importantly in this case mobile phone users will be able to buy the new album from Carphone Warehouse following a deal with EMI.

The new album will be pre-loaded onto a MMC memory card, will Carphone Warehouse say have sound quality comparable to that of a CD.

The Robbie Williams memory card is the pioneering product in The Carphone Warehouse's new mobile entertainment brand, playmobile, which will also launch next month.

The card, at £29.99, will be available for sale at 600 Carphone Warehouse stores across the UK from next month.

Danny Van Emden, Digital Media Director at EMI Music, comments, “The UK is in love with the mobile and it's the one device that we know our artists' fans have with them at all times - so the memory card is simply the next logical chapter in the affair. The format looks and sounds great and offers the same visuals as the physical CD, but in a completely new, neat pocket-sized package.”