Following the rumours that surfaced on the internet last week, PalmOne has announced that it will be launching the Tungsten T5. The main USP will be 256Mb of on board flash memory which doesn't lose data when the device loses its charge.

The T5's 256MB of memory is the most built into a handheld to date (by comparison, the T3 has just 64MB). To help users make the most of the new memory allocation, PalmOne has introduced new software to allow users to drag and drop files on the device rather similar to many flash based MP3 players.

Like the T3, the T5 has a 320-by-480-resolution, But unlike the T3, the T5 isn't collapsible, so you always see the full. As a result the T5 considerably longer than the T3 in the latter's collapsed state.

Amongst the new design the T5 will feature Intel's 416-MHz Bulverde CPU for handhelds and comes with a built-in Bluetooth adapter however no wi-fi.

PalmOne expect to have product in the shops for November.