Siemens has posted a warning over its latest range of mobile phones suggesting that a flaw in them may hurt user while using them.

Siemens has issued a warning to users of its 65 series handsets, which include models CX65, M65, S65, SL65, CV65, CT65, CXV65, CXT65 over the disconnection melody that plays when the phones are about to switch off because battery is low. The melody, the company said “could possibly start to play loudly” and “in some extreme cases, this volume could lead to hearing damage.”

To prevent the shutdown melody, users of the affected Siemens phones should select "switch off" under the heading "shutdown melody" under the "more melodies" menu on the phone.

Already T-Mobile and Vodafone have removed the Siemens 65 series handsets from its shops in Germany following the announcement. Siemens state that the fault is fixable, either via simply turning off the sound or by waiting for the update that Siemens hope to send out in the next couple of weeks.

Siemens started selling the new range of 65 series phone only last month. It also said that it has not received any reports of injury from the possibly problematic phones.