Not content with texting from you mobile, BT has introduced a new service that will allow you to send and receive texts on a home number.

Jumping straight in on the bandwagon is Magic Messenger a dedicated SMS unit to be launched in the UK in the next week. Subscribing to BT's Caller Display service (£4.50 a quarter) you will be able to use Magic Messenger to send and receive text messages from your home line. The text will cost 10p and be added to your BT phone bill.

The Magic Messenger will feature a qwerty keyboard for easier typing and come with a number of features including the ability to send to a nominated group.

During April 2004 over 2 billion text messages were sent in the UK - over 70 million per day an increase of over 26% on the same period in 2003 and something that both the Magic Messenger and BT are keen to capitalise on.

The Magic Messenger will be available from the start of September and cost £19.99. It will also come with three months free trial of the BT Caller Display service.