It appears the rumours of Palm creating a Wi-Fi card are true, however before you rush to your local electronics store take note that it won't work on any PDA you can find.

The new model, unveiled by the PDA manufacturer will actually only work on the Zire 72 or Tungsten T3. Although both models feature Bluetooth wireless connectivity, it appears PalmOne felt that they need Wi-Fi to boot.

The card, which will go on sale next month in the US will require 4Mb of free Memory on the handheld. You will also need to install accompanying software via a PC or Mac and won't be able to run Bluetooth on either models at the same time as the Wi-Fi connection.

The PalmOne Card will operate on the 802.11b Wi-Fi protocol and no word has been given yet on UK pricing and availability although PalmOne has confirmed that it will be coming to the UK shortly.