T-mobile has announced plans to launch a Flash based news service for UK customers on Tuesday. The service, which will be available to download to four phones at launch (Nokia's 3650,6600, 7610 and Sony Ericsson's new P900), will offer news, sport, weather, and entertainment stories twice a day at 8am and 5pm.

Where the service is hoping to succeed over previous incarnations is that you won't have to be online to get the news. Instead subscribers to the service will receive to news updates that will then seamless update the very multimedia rich interface.

Working with Macromedia, the Flash based application, called FlashLite will be the first of its kind in Europe and open up a wave of future possibilities for mobile phone applications. T-Mobile themselves in an interview with Pocket-lint suggested this is just the start of what is possible and hope to add further personalisation to the service including when the news is updated or the channels that it offers.

Likewise Macromedia are hoping that its Flash software, that has transformed the internet from a text based world to one of graphical nicety, will do the same for the mobile phone interface making mobile services a lot easier to use.

T-Mobile will be offering the NewsExpress service for free initially with the aim of charging around £5 for the service from October.

Sourced by Press Association the news stories will be accompanied by pictures and links to t-zones online. The service will be available to roaming t-mobile customers as well as offering German specific content for the German market.