PalmOne has today confirmed the launch of two new Palm devices aimed at the first time users. Both players have a strong emphasis on multimedia with both players coming with MP3 Players built in, courtesy of RealOne.

The Zire 72 builds on the Zire 71 and this time features 32Mb of internal memory - of which 24Mb is available to the user, a 1.2 mega pixel built in digital camera (instead of the 480x640 found in the Zire 71) and is the first PDA from palmOne to enable video capture.

The Zire 72 also features a MP3 player powered by RealOne which can be accessed via one of the four buttons beneath the 320x320 65k resolution colour display.

It also features a SD/MMC slot for saving images or MP3 tracks and adds Bluetooth wireless connectivity to connect to a mobile phone.

The Zire 31, however will replace the current Zire and Zire 21 budget models, and will be sold for under £100. The unit will also come with 16Mb of internal memory- of which 14Mb will be available to the end user as well as an SD/MMC slot for extra memory. It will also feature a MP3 player and Picture Viewer as well as only two buttons for quick access to shortcuts. The Zire 31 will have a colour screen rather than a mono screen like the Zire and Zire 21.

Both models will be aimed towards the first time users who like their multimedia and neither products will feature Wi-Fi capabilities or mobile phone technology leaving that to the Tungsten and Treo ranges.

We will be posting a full review in the coming days so stay tuned.