Siemens today announced two new phones; its next generation tri-band CX65 and the lower end clamshelled CF62.

The CX65 has been geared towards picture messaging and offers an integrated camera capable of capturing 640x480 shots and a large colour screen to view them on. An optional attachable flash can be added to reduce red-eye and capture images at night.

The phone is also Java enabled, and the addition of a joystick aims to make games and navigation easier. The phone comes with 11MB of memory again ideal for storage of said images, GPRS capability and a talk time of five hours and 250 hours standby time. Interestingly the phone also features a download assistant to help users download applications and ringtones from the Siemens website.

The CF62 on the other hand comes in two colours: ‘cool grey' or ‘cool cashmere' and weights 85g. Photo-messaging fans will have to opt for the attachable camera and flash as none is included. The CF62 is a triband handset, equipped with JAVA, GPRS, WAP and polyphonic ring tones and like the CX65 the phone provides five hours talk time and 220 hours of standby time.
Both phone will be available in Q2 and a UK price has yet to be set