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(Pocket-lint) - Fisher-Price has made all our dreams come true. The toy telephone that just about all of us had when we were toddlers is now available for adults to use as an actual phone.

The Fisher-Price Chatter telephone has been around since the early 1960s, but this latest version is Bluetooth-enabled, so you can link it to your iPhone or Android handset and use it to take and receive calls.

It sports the more modern design, rather than the boxy form of the earlier models. However, no matter the design it's something we all remember fondly - after all, it was the biggest selling Fisher-Price toy for many years.

The new version has been introduced to celebrate the toy's 60th anniversary and is suitably priced - at $60. It'll be available from today at BestBuy.com.

It is yet not known whether it will be available outside the US too.

As well as a Bluetooth pairing button and speakerphone functionality, the special edition Chatter telephone's dial can be used to make calls. You turn the dial to each number just like on old landline phones.

It even comes with the trademark "wobbly eyes" and wheels that work, so you can whizz it around your desk.

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We're sold, that's for sure.

Writing by Rik Henderson. Originally published on 19 October 2021.