(Pocket-lint) - We all know that it's illegal to use your phone when driving. In fact, we're all told to avoid anything that distracts our attention from the road - but it appears that the laws governing mobile phone use were a little too specific - and only banned using a device to send messages or make calls.

That's left a loophole open where someone could be using their phone for something else and technically not be covered by that law. Of course, it doesn’t matter what you're doing, it's still a distraction and it's still really dangerous.

That's seen the opening of a consultation of a change to the law, which will ban all the stuff that people have been getting away with, like taking photos and using other apps and games.

There will be exceptions, for example, there will be an allowance to use your phone to make mobile payments, but only when the vehicle is stationary. Otherwise, everyone going through the DriveThru at McDonald's would be slapped with £200 fine, six penalty points as well as a Big Mac.

The use of hands-free devices isn't going to be covered, so you'll still be able to use a satnav in a cradle for example - but if you're caught holding your phone when driving once the new law comes into place, you'll face the full force of the law, believe you me.

Writing by Chris Hall.
  • Source: Next steps announced to boost road safety and close mobile phone loophole - gov.uk
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