(Pocket-lint) - The realme 7 and 7 Pro are right around the corner - realme's scheduled a major livestream for this morning, and you can watch it along with us, right here. 

We've embedded the official YouTube stream above for your viewing pleasure, but you can also catch the video on Facebook if you would prefer, as well as on realme's Twitter page

We're expecting to learn a heck of a lot about two phones, in the form of the realme 7 and 7 Pro, both of which look like they could be superb options for anyone in the market for a mid-range handset that's great both for photography and mobile gaming. 

When does the realme 7 launch stream start?

This is a UK-focused livestream from realme, so it starts on Wednesday 7 October at 9:30AM BST. That's 10:30AM CET, 4:30AM ET, or 1:30AM PST, depending on where you're based. 

What to expect

We're not sure exactly how long the presentation will last, but you can check out details on what we expect to learn about the phones by reading our preview piece, right here.

In short, though, we should get full specs sheets for the phones including confirmation of exactly what camera setups they'll boast, and what chips they'll run on. We're pretty sure of a few things, though, including both phones likely boasting 90Hz displays that should make them perfect for anyone who likes to play mobile games. 

We are also expecting the phones to be the benchmark when it comes to super fast charging with 65W SuperDart in the realme 7 Pro, which can charge up 100% in 34 minutes, and 30W Dart Charge in the realme 7 that enables a 50% charge in 26 minutes. 

We're also expecting both models to pack quad-camera setups in, bringing great main lenses but also adding the ultrawide options that have become so popular in the last year or two as people have realised how creative they can be with the tool. 

Plus, we'll, of course, get a proper look at the phone's designs, which judging by realme's normal standards should bring a splash of flagship flavour to handsets that cost far less. 

Even more importantly for some people, though, we should also find out their prices and release dates during the launch, in the UK at least, so you know how much they'll actually cost, and when you can start planning to pick one up as your new phone.