(Pocket-lint) - The phone market never stops evolving - it's one of the most exciting tech sectors going right now, not least because of that constant progress and upheaval.

We've been ever-growing fans of realme's phones for a few years now, as it's continued to create handsets that are remarkably cost-efficient while mirroring many of the features finding their way into flagship competitors that can be twice the price or more. 

Sometimes the next phone coming down the line can be shrouded in complete mystery and indeed secrecy, but on other occasions, we can get a bit more of a peek behind the curtain, and know what's on its way. 

That's the situation with the realme 7, the next major phone from realme, which is launching in the UK this Wednesday 7 October, and we're hyped to tune in and find out more about it. 

We know a decent amount about the realme 7, and its bigger sibling the realme 7 Pro, since both phones launched in India a few weeks ago, but it's always good to hear direct from phone makers about just what makes their handsets special. 

We should find out more about both phones' screens, for one thing, which we expect to be 90Hz displays for smoothness that would normally be reserved for more expensive models, with the 7 Pro, in particular, looking like it'll sport a stunning AMOLED display for deep blacks and great contrast. 

It's also looking like you'll be able to avoid battery anxiety, with both phones offering epic charge. The realme 7 Pro, with its 65W SuperDart Charge (4500mAh battery), can apparently be charged to 100% within 34 mins, making it the fastest ever charge in a mid-high end smartphone. The realme 7 boasts 30W Dart Charge (5000mAh battery) providing more than a month's standby time.

The realme 7 looks like it could be ideal for mobile gaming, which we all know is a market that just won't stop growing, using processors that are finetuned to ensure smooth gameplay and super-quick responsiveness, which can make all the difference in the heat of battle. 

Finally, everyone knows how important cameras are to smartphones in the modern age - we're all used to the idea that we can take incredibly high-quality photos with a sleek device that fits into our pocket. This is another area in which realme's been frankly defying expectations by crafting extremely capably camera units without charging the earth for them.

That looks set to continue - both versions of the realme 7 have quad-camera systems like those found on many flagships, with the realme 7 Pro featuring a 64-megapixel Sony lens for primary shooting and the addition of a welcome ultrawide lens, which has become all the rage in the last 18 months. 

However, obviously, two key areas that are very much still under wraps ahead of Wednesday's event are the twin prongs of price and release date. We don't know how much either version of the phone will cost, and we don't know when it'll be releasing in different territories. These are both absolutely pivotal variables for mid-range phones, so we're intrigued to find them out. 

We'll be tuning into the livestream from 9:30am BST, to find out the full range of details, and hope you can join us then to see what other surprises realme might have in store for us.