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(Pocket-lint) - HMD Global is best known for producing Nokia phones, but the company always had ambitions in other segments. Alongside the launch of new Nokia devices for 2020, the company has now branched out with a new service - roaming data.

The HMD Connect Global Roaming Service is a SIM that will give you roaming data in 120 countries around the world. The idea is that you buy the SIM and slot it into your phone, knowing that you're paying a flat fee, rather than whatever fees your regular carrier might apply. It's really a plan for regular travellers, rather than tourists heading to one country.

That will give you freedom and it will mean that you can arrive in a new destination and get connected with minimal hassle. HMD Global said that this will be a physical SIM initially, potentially expanding to eSIM in the future.

"Our shared vision with HMD Global enables intelligent, affordable cellular connectivity everywhere in the world. Our AXON GlobalNet Platform offers a secure and affordable connection to subscribers around the world. We are excited for the future working with the HMD Global team and look forward to innovating more new services in the future," said Martin Manniche, founder and CEO, Greenwave Systems, partners on the new service.

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Everything will be controlled through an app, giving you an easy user interface. Once you've signed-up, a SIM card will arrive through the post for you to use.

The service will initially be launching in beta and can be accessed on HMDConnect.com, with the starter kit, including the SIM, costing €19.95. You'll then get roaming plans for 14-days starting from €9.95, with €5 upgrades available. Additional countries will be added to the roaming plan in the future for wider coverage.

We're still waiting to hear for all the details, but with most of the planet currently on lockdown, it might be some time before any of us get to test out the new service from HMD Global.

Writing by Chris Hall. Originally published on 19 March 2020.