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(Pocket-lint) - Streaming's not the easy job many might take it to be, but with the increasingly stunning cameras that top-range smartphones boast, it's becoming more and more feasible to get started without much equipment.

Roland is anticipating that there are a wealth of livestreamers out there who rely on their mobile phone, whether they're showing off their cooking skills in the kitchen, sharing part of their daily makeup routine or myriad other options. It's taken the opportunity at CES 2020 to announce Go:Livecast, a one-stop shop to power up those livestreams. 


Go:Livecast is a plug-and-play streaming hub, letting you easily control various elements of your livestream without having to pause your stream for technical adjustments. Getting started just means plugging a smartphone into the box, and a pair of headphones that it can use for audio monitoring.

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If you want to, you also have the option to connect external microphones or instruments to it, letting you increase the audio quality of your stream easily. You can then open the Go:Livecast app, logging into your various streaming platforms and start streaming, whether that's on Facebook Live, YouTube, or Twitch. 

RolandRolands Golivecast System Will Upgrade Your Mobile Livestreams image 2

From there, the system comes into its own. From auto-rotating your stream's mode from landscape to portrait based on your device's orientation, to letting you see comments flooding in without obscuring your stream, you can also choose filters to give your video a distinct look. 

You've also got the buttons and settings you can see on the box itself, above. From quickly adjusting the sound of your microphone input, to playing preset audio cues or having text appear on-screen for your viewers, everything is a tap away rather than a complicated setup issue. You can even connect a second camera by Wi-Fi, and switch between the views at a button press. 

The Go:Livecast looks like an interesting device for streamers aspiring to up their production values without completing breaking the bank, and will be available later in January at a price of $249.99 (about £190). 

Writing by Max Freeman-Mills.