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(Pocket-lint) - Qualcomm has confirmed that the Snapdragon 865 will be the world's first consumer device platform to support the capture of video using Dolby Vision HDR.

The new mobile platform that's going to be appearing in leading smartphones in 2020 comes with huge power gains and boost camera support, but allowing the capture of Dolby Vision will put a really powerful tool in to the hands of creators.

Dolby Vision is a dynamic HDR format, aiming to give you the best and most accurate dynamic range in a scene, with metadata for brightness, colour and contrast that boosts the visual impact of video you capture.

Thanks to Qualcomm's new hardware, the capture of this advanced video format will no longer be limited to professionals. Qualcomm's 865 will launch on phones in the new year and certainly at Mobile World Congress 2020 in February. So we believe Dolby Vision video capture will come to a phone launching within the next few months.

At the moment there's no word on who will be offering Dolby Vision capture on devices, but with a slew of hardware expected in early-2020, it won't be long before you'll be able to shoot your own Dolby Vision content.

The new smartphone platform from Qualcomm brings a wide range of camera boosts, including 8K video capture, 4K at 120fps and a range of improvements such as more powerful noise reduction and more power to support much more data capture and processing.

If you want to watch that content back in Dolby Vision you have to have a device with a Dolby Vision compatible display, or have a TV that supports Dolby Vision. That said, one of the benefits of Dolby Vision is enhanced picture quality - though not to the same level, naturally - on older devices. 

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Writing by Chris Hall.