Make Christmas special this year, by treating yourself with the gift of entertainment.

AT&T is offering huge savings this holiday shopping season during it’s  "Gift of the Galaxy" sales event, in which you can get a free $500 Samsung TV if you add a new line,  pick up one of the new Samsung Galaxy Note 10, Note 10+, or Note 10+ 5G phones on an installment plan and eligible unlimited plan. The sale ends on 6 December, so you best hurry, as time is running out. 

Anyway, if you'd like to take advantage of one of AT&T Unlimited plans, it's easy to figure out which is best for you. Here's the buying tree:

AT&T Unlimited EliteSM

The Unlimited Elite plan costs $85 a month for one line with a new or existing device. This is the best plan for those of us who are constantly binging your favorite shows on a mobile plan. Along with unlimited talk and text, it offers high-definition streaming (when Stream Saver is off) and 30GB of mobile hotspot data per line per month.

It also is compatible with 5G devices*; however, you will need a 5G plan. On top of it all, you also get free access to HBO.

After 100 GB, AT&T may temporarily slow data speeds when the network is busy.

AT&T Unlimited ExtraSM

This Extra plan is for those of you who like to watch your favorite shows on the go but maybe won't use it at home as much. The Unlimited Extra plan is $75 per month with a new or existing device. It offers standard-definition streaming and 15GB of mobile hotspot per line per month data to go along with the unlimited talk and texting for calls and SMS messages. It's also 5G compatible*. 

After 50 GB, AT&T may temporarily slow data speeds when the network is busy

AT&T Starter ExtraSM

This is the most affordable Starter Extra plan, as it starts out at $35 a month per line fora new and existing device. It’s perfect for those who don’t do much streaming through a mobile carrier. It still offers standard-definition streaming to go along with unlimited talk and text. It’s not 5G compatible, however, so if you’re looking at getting the Note 10+ 5G, you’ll want to get one of the above plans. 

So, whether you want to upgrade your plan with an existing device or get an all-new device on an Unlimited plan, you have a few different options. Plus, don't forget AT&T's Gift of the Galaxy sale, where you can save on new Samsung devices by getting a free Samsung TV. With all this new tech and data, you should have plenty of entertainment for Christmas. 

* Req’s a compatible plan for 5G connection. Limited AT&T 5G availability. May not be available in your area. Visit for more details

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