Prime Day deals are live until midnight tonight and Amazon has slashed prices on a number of handsets from top retailers. If you're looking to save on a new SIM-free phone, then now could be the time to buy. 

We're breaking this down into some of the biggest brands and devices, but if you're not after any of the major devices, there are plenty of others to choose from too.

You can find all the best deals for Prime Day in the US and Prime Day in the UK in our dedicated articles, or read on to get yourself a hot new phone.

Samsung Galaxy deals US

• Samsung Galaxy Note 9 (128GB), save $350, now $649.99 (was $999.99): The Galaxy Note 9 offers a big screen experience with S Pen. It offers the full Samsung experience. Click here for this deal

• Samsung Galaxy S9+ (64GB), save $250, now $449.99 (was $699.99): The plus size of the Galaxy S9 offers a great experience with a great display - and a great reduction in price. See this deal here

• Samsung Galaxy S10 (128GB), save $300, now $599.99 (was $899.99): The latest flagship from Samsung with punch-hole camera in the front and a compact size. Check out the offer here

• Samsung Galaxy S10+ (128GB), save $300, now $699.99 (was $999.99): The plus size 2019 flagship phone is impressive in all areas. One of the best phones you can buy. See the offer here

Google Pixel deals US

• Google Pixel 3 (64GB), save $260, now $539 (was $799): The smaller Pixel 3 has one of the best cameras on any phone. See the deal

• Google Pixel 3 XL (64GB), save $260, now $639 (was $875): The larger Pixel phone offers a great display, dual front camera and that great rear camera - and pure Android. Click for this deal

Apple iPhone deals UK 

There are a range of Apple iPhone deals to be had, with Amazon taking up to 25 per cent off the price of some iPhone models.

• Apple iPhone XR (64GB), save £110, now £639 (was £749): The stealth hit of the recent iPhone selection. It might only have a single camera, but it has all the power and experience of the top iPhones. See this deal

• Apple iPhone XS Max (64GB), save £148, now £901 (was £1049): Apple's biggest phone has a big discount, so if you're looking to snag one of the top phones around, strike now. There's also £125 off the 256GB version. Click here to see this deal

• Apple iPhone XS (64GB), save £100, now £849 (was £949): Apple's popular flagship is shedding 18 per cent, putting it at a really competitive price. There are offers on a range of colours and storage capacities. Click here to see this offer

• Apple iPhone X (64GB), save £189, now £710 (was £899): The phone that changed it all, the iPhone X introduced Face ID and the notch - and now it's discounted. View the offer

• Apple iPhone 7 (128GB), save £139, now £370 (was £509): It's an older model, but if you're looking for an iPhone for less than £400, now's your chance. Click here to see the deal

• Apple iPhone 7 (32GB), save £104, now £345 (was £449): Again, an older model, but it's also one of the cheapest deals you'll find. See the iPhone on Amazon

• Apple iPhone 8 (256GB), save £184, now £565 (was £749): The iPhone 8 is still a very capable device and this is a massive discount. Available in a couple of colours and a range of storage options. See this deal here

• Apple iPhone 8 Plus (64GB), save £175, now £524 (was £699): The bigger 8 Plus has a 25 per cent discount today, in space grey, gold and silver and is still a worth iPhone. View the deal here

Samsung Galaxy deals UK

Samsung offers more deals than Apple, but there are still some great Prime Day offers to take advantage of from some of the latest models.

• Samsung Galaxy Note 9 (128GB), save £370, now £529 (was £899.99): The Galaxy Note 9 offers a big screen experience with S Pen. It offers the full Samsung experience. Click here for this deal

• Samsung Galaxy S9+ (128GB), save £269.01, now £599.99 (was £869.99): The plus size of the Galaxy S9 offers a great experience with a great display - and a great reduction in price. See this deal here

• Samsung Galaxy A8 (32GB), save £112, now £225 (was £337): It's a mid-range phone, but offering the full Samsung experience, meaning great software, a strong camera and good display. View the offer

• Samsung Galaxy Note 8 (64GB), save £394, now £389 (was £783): The Note 8 might be 2 years old, but it's running the latest version of Samsung One UI on Android Pie, it's still got one of the best displays and it is a strong choice of phone. See the offer here

OnePlus offers UK

OnePlus is in the discounts on Amazon Prime Day.

• OnePlus 6 (128GB), save £120, now £399 (was £519): The 2018 model of this phone has a notch on the display, but offers a great build, lots of power and one of the best user experiences on Android. See the deal here

Huawei and Honor deals UK

Huawei has some of the best phones on the market and here are some great Prime Day deals.

• Huawei Mate 20 Pro (128GB), save £400, now £499 (was £899): Big screen and big camera experience from one of the biggest phone companies on the planet. There are a lot of deals around on Huawei devices, but this is a good price. Click to see the deal

• Honor 10 (128GB), save £190, now £209 (was £399): It's a 2018 flagship-grade handset with great design, screen and lots of power, at a price that's almost budget. See this deal here

Motorola deals UK

Money to be saved on Moto.

• Moto G7 (64GB), save £59, now £179.99 (was £239): One of the best budget phones out there, the Moto G7 offers power and performance that's great for the price. View this deal

• Moto One Vision (128GB), save £69, now £199.99 (was £269): A full-screen display with punch-hole camera makes this one of the slickest looking phones around. See this deal here