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(Pocket-lint) - Is your phone PIN "1234"? No? What about "0000"? Believe it or not, these are two of the most common phone passcodes people use.

Tarah Wheeler, a cybersecurity executive who serves as the senior director of Data trust, Threat, and Vulnerability Management at Splunk, recently shared the most common PINs used by mobile phone users to secure their devices. She got the list from an InfoSec expert via the SANS Institute.

It's certainly an enlightening look into people and their PIN choices - and if your passcode is on the list, we suggest changing it now.

Top 20 most common mobile phone PINs

Wheeler said 26 per cent of all phones are cracked with these passcodes:

  • 1234
  • 1111
  • 0000
  • 1212
  • 7777
  • 1004
  • 2000
  • 4444
  • 2222
  • 6969
  • 9999
  • 3333
  • 5555
  • 6666
  • 1122
  • 1313
  • 8888
  • 4321
  • 2001
  • 1010

While many of these make sense, some of them are real head-scratchers, such as the "1004" one toward the top of the list. Why that sequence?

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How to change your mobile phone PIN

If your PIN is on the above list, you should be concerned about the vulnerability of your device. You should immediately change your passcode.

iOS device

  1. Go to Settings, then depending on your model, tap one of the following: Face ID & Passcode, Touch ID & Passcode, or Passcode.
  2. Tap Turn Passcode On or Change Passcode.
  3. You can enter a six-digit number. Longer PINs tend to be more secure.
  4. But there are other passcode options, like a four-digit numeric code, a custom numeric code, or a custom alphanumeric code.

For more instructions, see Apple's help guide here.

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Android device

  1. Open your device's Settings app.
  2. Tap Security & location (or tap Security).
  3. To pick a kind of screen lock, tap Screen lock. If you’ve already set a lock, you’ll need to enter your PIN, pattern, or password first.
  4. Tap the screen lock option you’d like to use. In this case, it's PIN.
  5. Follow the on-screen instructions. You can enter four or more numbers. Longer PINs tend to be more secure.

For more instructions, see Google's help guide here.

Writing by Maggie Tillman. Originally published on 1 June 2019.