(Pocket-lint) - We will have to wait until this summer at least until 5G is launched in the UK. And the US, while already having some access through the likes of Verizon and AT&T, is not expected to have a nationwide 5G service until 2020.

And that's fine, because there are few handsets or devices that exploit it anyway. By the time we get a wider, more stable and available 5G network service in either country we'll also have plenty of choice of phones to use on it.

That hasn't deterred US president Donald Trump, however. He wants 5G and he wants it now. In fact, scrub that, he also wants 6G.

Who cares if it's not necessarily ever going to be needed or pushed as a consumer product, as we were told by EE a couple of years ago, 6G is one better than 5G so the US should have it "as soon as possible".

It evokes memories of Spinal Tap's Nigel Tufnel.

Perhaps Trump is upset that, as explained during the Samsung Galaxy Unpacked launch event last night in San Francisco, South Korea already has what is being described as hyper-fast data connectivity with its own, already-available 5G network?

Or that the first formally announced 5G phones, the Samsung Galaxy Fold and Galaxy S10 5G, are also from Korea rather than the US?

Or maybe it's that US company Apple is not even expected to release its 5G iPhones until 2020, once the network position stabilises?

Actually, it's probably more likely that he just wants greater data speeds so he can blurt his often ill-advised tweets onto the 'net more quickly.

Writing by Rik Henderson.