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(Pocket-lint) - OnePlus has announced that in an upcoming update to its Android Pie-based OxygenOS platform that Google Duo video calling will be built right in, natively. 

What this means is that Google Duo video calling will be integrated into the standard, default communication apps. Specifically, that's Call logs, Contacts, Dial Pad and Messaging. In other words, you won't need to access the Google Duo app separately. 

OnePlus decided to implement this having done research on highest ranked video calling apps in India, ultimately deciding on Google Duo having come to the conclusion that it offered the best call quality. 

We can only imagine that this service will be even more impressive on the upcoming 5G OnePlus phone (once 5G networks are in place to make the most of it). 

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For those worrying, this doesn't mean that native carrier video calling is disappearing (from the phones that have it). Going into a contact's details, tapping "see all" will still give the option to perform a regular video call, outside of Google's Duo platform. 

Perhaps the best news is that, unless you have one of the first two generations of "flagship killer", you'll be getting the feature on your OnePlus regardless of the model. 

OnePlus phones getting the Google Duo update:

  • OnePlus 6T (on Oxygen OS 9.0.12)
  • OnePlus 6 (on Oxygen OS 9.0.4)
  • OnePlus 5T (on Oxygen OS 9.0.4)
  • OnePlus 5 (on Oxygen OS 9.0.4)
  • OnePlus 3T (Android Pie update)
  • OnePlus 3 (Android Pie update)

The software update will roll out on the 6T, 6, 5T and 5 first, with the 3T and 3 following at a later date. Once it is live, you can be sure we'll be adding it to our extensive list of OxygenOS tips and tricks to try on your high-powered flagship phone. 

Writing by Cam Bunton. Originally published on 15 February 2019.