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(Pocket-lint) - Xiaomi - one of the largest phone manufacturers in China - is broadening its horizon. Having confirmed that it will be officially launching in the UK on 8 November, Three has come forward to confirm that it will be the first UK network to partner with Xiaomi.

Three has confirmed that you'll be able to get a range of Xiaomi devices from 9 November, both online and from Three's network of 327 high street stores. 

What's not being said at the moment is which devices will be coming. The most recent launch from the Chinese phone giant is the Mi Mix 3, a device that tackles the notch problem by reinstating a sliding mechanism. Will this be coming to the UK? Neither Xiaomi nor Three have said anything about it so far. 

The move into the UK follows success of brands like Huawei, another Chinese company that's seen a lot of success in 2018, challenging established brands with rapid deployment of new technologies in phones. 

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Like Huawei, Xiaomi's challenge is going to be brand recognition outside of its fan community. While the likes of Apple and Samsung can trade on their reputation and broad advertising, Xiaomi will have a lot more to prove. 

The first step seems to have been accomplished, however, with a major UK network offering devices, so, unlike some brands, you'll be able to buy Xiaomi phones on contract and see them in the flesh before you part with your money. 

We will bring you more on Xiaomi's moves as they become clear.

Writing by Chris Hall.