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(Pocket-lint) - Nolii's aim is to bring efficiency and quality to the design of some common accessories, looking to make sure that your tech doesn't fail you on the move. Charging is a big deal for Nolii and if you're a busy iPhone user, there's some really great stuff on offer.

While batteries, cases and cables are commonplace, there's always room to make them more interesting and innovative, which is why the Nolii Couple Case system caught our eye.


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It takes a silicone case with a microfibre lining (£39.99) - ideal for protecting your iPhone - and places a connector on the back, which can be used to couple it up with various accessories. The wallet comes with the case - designed to let you carry your case - but it's the batteries that we're really interested in. 

The same connector will let you attach a 3,000mAh battery (£59.99) to the case, equipped with a Lightning cable that's neatly stowed away, ready to be deployed when you need to charge your phone. 

The battery is fast-charge enabled, so will speedily change via USB Type-C and it's Made for iPhone certified too.

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Charging is a theme across Nolii's line-up: the Fold plug (£24.99) will let you tuck away the prongs to easy stowage, then offering two USB connections to let you power up your devices. 

Taking things a step further is the Set (£79.99), which pairs a folding plug with a battery - with full charge-though capability. The two connect magnetically and this is then a backup battery with 6,400mAh capacity that you can grab off the plug and throw in your bag when you head out on a busy day.

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The Set plug has a connection on the top so you can charge a device directly, as well as through the battery. The battery also has an integrated Lightning cable. For travel bugs, there are Eurozone and US versions of the plug too. It's basically everything you'll need for charging all your mobile stuff at any time.

If you want to go bigger, then you have Super Stack (£149.99). This is a hunk of battery - 25,000mAh - enough to fully charge your MacBook and a whole lot more, like your tablet or Nintendo Switch.

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It offers charge-through again (so when connected to the power it will charge your connected devices before charging itself) and can be separated so you can have the big lump (Big Stack) of battery and the smaller (Little Stack).

Little Stack will charge a phone via USB-C, or it also has 7.5W wireless charging, so you can just put your phone on the top to recharge. This means you can easily take calls without having to fiddle with wires, perfect for recharging when working in a coffee shop. There's also a Lightning connector built in.

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The Big Stack will offer charging via USB Type-C, but also has two USB Type-A connections, so it's really versatile. It will basically keep you going without needing a power socket.

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You can find it all on Nolii's website on the link below.

Writing by Chris Hall.