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(Pocket-lint) - How brave do you think you are? Brave enough to do the Spartan Challenge? That's what Team Pocket-lint attempted with the Honor 8X team for the final race of the Spartan 2018 season in Windsor.

Following torrential rain the day before, the blue skies returned as we tested whether we could live up to the Honor slogan of For the Brave as we ran, climbed, and at times crawled our way around the Spartan course.


The Spartan Race, founded in 2004, is a series of obstacle races over varying distances from 3 miles to 26 miles, challenging you to not only cover the distance but complete the obstacles too.

Over 20 obstacles faced us on our course testing both strength and resolve. The obstacles started out easy - a few 4-5ft walls, some muddy streams to navigate, and the laborious task of having to carry an 8.5kg sand bag for a kilometre. Midway through we had to pick up 50KG atlas balls and complete a 5-metre rope climb (nailed it).

But they quickly became harder as we worked our way through the course. Towards the end, as our legs started to tire, the obstacles became tougher involving a team effort to complete. Whether that was getting the five of us over numerous 8ft walls or lifting a 70KG bag 7 meters in the air with the help of a single pulley it was both enjoyable and painful at the same time.

And the final obstacle? Jumping over a burning log pile to victory.

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Captured with the new Honor 8X