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(Pocket-lint) - When you buy a new phone, it's quite common for someone to try and sell you insurance. It's a simple top-up to what the seller earns and it is quite tempting: after all, you might worry you will drop your new, precious, expensive gadget. Or lose it. Or have it stolen.

But, unless you are unlucky enough to suffer one of those unfortunate happenings, you may never use that insurance at all. Obviously, that's how insurance works. But maybe there's no need for you to spend the extra and agree to a monthly insurance fee. Here are three reasons not to…

1 Fixing the phone isn't always expensive

If you get your phone repaired at somewhere like Quick Mobile Fix, the repair is speedily done (usually within 48 working hours). The company exclusively uses grade A parts and repairs come with a warranty in most cases: liquid damage-related repairs and software repairs are excluded, and battery repairs have a three-month warranty. Other repairs include a 12-month warranty.

The price of the repair is also reasonable - repairing the screen on an iPhone 7, for instance, costs £64.99, fixing the front camera is £38.99 and sorting a faulty antenna is £49.99. Each price is probably what you'd pay in insurance in a very short time.

The company provides a post label for you to send the damaged phone (it's free and insured for up to £500) and return postage is also free.

2 Refurbished phones are competitively priced

If you don't want to get your phone repaired, or it's damaged beyond economic repair, a refurbished phone could be the answer. A refurbished iPhone 8 in good condition from Quick Mobile Fix costs £407.99 - it would cost you £599 brand new. Helpfully, you don't have to buy the bits you already have and so don't need, like a charger, for instance (though Quick Mobile Fix also offers bundles with charger, cable and screen protector for a little more). Similarly, if you fancy a Samsung Galaxy S9, you can pick one up, in good to excellent condition for £509.99, that's around £240 less than buying the same phone new. And with a refurbished phone from Quick Mobile Fix you're assured of quality and you'll get a warranty - which doesn't happen when you buy a used phone. The phone will even be unlocked, so it'll work with whichever network you prefer.

3 You can even earn money from your faulty phone

A very few companies will offer strong prices for unwanted gadgets. Even more rarely, some, and Quick Mobile Fix is one of them, will buy faulty devices. You can choose to trade in your damaged phone for cash, for a voucher to spend at Quick Mobile Fix or even to upgrade your current phone. The price you're offered will be based on the condition, level of damage and more, not just a minimal flat price that some companies offer. The price varies according to what fault the phone has: an iPhone with a broken screen fetches a better price than one with a power fault, for instance, and if it's working, but shows some signs of wear and tear, with marks, scratches and dents, then your phone falls into the Poor category which earns a better price. Minimal marks? A better price still. 

All of which might leave you happier you didn't spend any money on that monthly insurance premium.