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(Pocket-lint) - The company well-known for making the Light L16 camera with 16 lenses and capable 81-megapixel images is now turning its attention onto phones. It is developing a new, multi-lens camera system that smartphone manufacturers can adopt for super high-end photo capture.

Light has already shown prototype devices, with both five and nine-lenses, that are capable of shooting pictures up to 64-megapixels.

However, even with that many lenses on the rear, The Washington Post reports that the prototype handset is no thicker that an iPhone X.

Having that many camera units also enables much better low light photography, claims Light. It also means that better depth perception can be utilised for better bokeh and the like.

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Pocket-lintLight’s Crazy Multi-lens Camera System Coming To A Smartphone image 2

The company also claims that it is close to turning the concept into a full consumer release, thanks to an investment partnership with Taiwanese phone maker Foxconn. The Post says that a full version will be announced later this year.

We don't have any other information at present but we doubt the final model with be in the "affordable" category. The Light L16 camera, for instance, costs £1,850.

There are less camera units on the phone equivalent but plenty of other tech inside. And you wouldn't want entry to mid-range phone spec on the back of such high-end photography tech.

Writing by Rik Henderson.