(Pocket-lint) - The iPhone has changed a lot over the past 11 years, but that doesn't mean it's easy to tell one iPhone from another.

Those of you who don't pay strict attention to every Apple event won't be able to see the nuanced differences between the 18 different iPhone models that have debuted since 2007. However, each iPhone has its own "A" model number(s), and this number is often printed on the back of the phone itself in fine print. If it isn't, like in the case with the iPhone 8 and iPhone X, you can find it in the Settings app.

Once you've found the "A" model number to your iPhone, you can easily identify which one you own using this guide. Those of you looking to purchase second-hand iPhones, or who have been given an old iPhone, will especially find this guide useful, as it can help you determine the age of the phone, its value, and, ultimately, whether you want the phone. Here's how to identify your iPhone by its model number.


Which iPhone model do you have?

Find the "A" model number

You’ll find your iPhone’s “A” model number stamped on the back of your device. Flip it over, and then look for the “Model AXXXX" identifier. It'll be in fine print below the “iPhone” label. An iPhone 5C, for instance, may carry an “A” number of “Model A1532.” Now, with the iPhone X and iPhone 8, Apple decided to stop stamping the “A” number on the back. But you can still find that information - it’s in the Settings app.

In fact, if you can't read the text on the back of an iPhone, you can just launch the Settings app and then navigate to General > About > Model. From there, tap once on Model to reveal the phone's model number. Additionally, you can find the rough size of your iPhone's storage capacity (16GB, 32GB, 64GB, 128GB, etc) by opening the Settings app in iOS and navigating to General > About > Capacity.

Match the "A" model number to your iPhone

If you have your iPhone's "A" model number, match it to the corresponding iPhone model on this list. That'll be the device you own.

  • Model A1865 – iPhone X
  • Model A1901 – iPhone X
  • Model A1864 – iPhone 8 Plus
  • Model A1897 – iPhone 8 Plus
  • Model A1863 – iPhone 8
  • Model A1905 – iPhone 8
  • Model A1661 – iPhone 7 Plus
  • Model A1784 – iPhone 7 Plus
  • Model A1785 – iPhone 7 Plus
  • Model A1786 – iPhone 7 Plus
  • Model A1660 – iPhone 7
  • Model A1778 – iPhone 7
  • Model A1779 – iPhone 7
  • Model A1780 – iPhone 7
  • Model A1662 – iPhone SE
  • Model A1723 – iPhone SE
  • Model A1724 – iPhone SE
  • Model A1634 – iPhone 6S Plus
  • Model A1687 – iPhone 6S Plus
  • Model A1690 – iPhone 6S Plus
  • Model A1699 – iPhone 6S Plus
  • Model A1633 – iPhone 6S
  • Model A1688 – iPhone 6S
  • Model A1691 – iPhone 6S
  • Model A1700 – iPhone 6S
  • Model A1522 – iPhone 6 Plus
  • Model A1524 – iPhone 6 Plus
  • Model A1593 – iPhone 6 Plus
  • Model A1549 – iPhone 6
  • Model A1586 – iPhone 6
  • Model A1589 – iPhone 6
  • Model A1453 – iPhone 5S
  • Model A1457 – iPhone 5S
  • Model A1518 – iPhone 5S
  • Model A1528 – iPhone 5S
  • Model A1530 – iPhone 5S
  • Model A1533 – iPhone 5S
  • Model A1456 – iPhone 5C
  • Model A1507 – iPhone 5C
  • Model A1516 – iPhone 5C
  • Model A1526 – iPhone 5C
  • Model A1529 – iPhone 5C
  • Model A1532 – iPhone 5C
  • Model A1428 – iPhone 5
  • Model A1429 – iPhone 5
  • Model A1442 – iPhone 5
  • Model A1387 – iPhone 4S
  • Model A1431 – iPhone 4S
  • Model A1332 – iPhone 4
  • Model A1349 – iPhone 4
  • Model A1303 – iPhone 3GS
  • Model A1325 – iPhone 3GS
  • Model A1241 – iPhone 3G
  • Model A1324 – iPhone 3G
  • Model A1203 – iPhone

Identify your iPhone model by other details

There's no reason why you should need other details if your iPhone is stamped with an "A" model number, which is also listed in the Settings app, and then you matched that number to an iPhone model listed above. But, nevertheless, for you over-achievers out there, you can use this handy Apple page, which lists every iPhone model, its specs, the colours it was available in, and the year it was introduced.

That list bit is key. Because if you just found out you have an iPhone 7, you can quickly use that page to see how old it is and what sort of features it has, etc, and then you can easily go ahead and determine its value and whether it's something you want to keep or sell.

Writing by Maggie Tillman.