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(Pocket-lint) - A video has appeared on Chinese social site Weibo that claims to show the iPhone SE 2, however given the lack of authenticity, not to mention how the phone's looks line up with previous rumours, we can be pretty certain the phone in the video isn't the iPhone SE 2 at all.

For starters, the video itself seems to be questioning what the phone is, with 'iPhone SE 2?' written at the bottom. The phone itself looks remarkably like the iPhone X, including the central notch at the top. A quick glance at the side of the phone does show it to be thicker than the iPhone X, but there's a chance it could just be a case trying to fool us. Around the back is the same vertically aligned camera as found on Apple's premium iPhone, too.

The fact the alleged iPhone SE 2 looks virtually the same as the iPhone X, save from a possible thicker body, is a strong indication that this isn't the company's 'entry-level' iPhone. Why would Apple release what will likely be an affordable iPhone that mimics it's £1000 model in every way? The notch at the top for example and lack of Touch ID home button would suggest the phone will use Face ID for security, a feature that at the moment is solely reserved for the iPhone X.

There are still some doubts as to whether the iPhone SE 2 will happen at all. Usually-reliable analyst Ming-Chi Kuo has previously said that Apple simply doesn't have the resources to develop an entry-level iPhone, alongside the supposed three new iPhone models due to arrive in September: a new iPhone X, iPhone X Plus and an iPhone X-style phone but with an LCD screen instead, could the latter phone be the one in the video instead?

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However some reports still suggest the SE 2 will be a thing and that it could launch later this month or sometime in April. Apple has released new products in March before, so it wouldn't be completely out of the blue, but given the lack of leaks usually associated with Apple products, we're still a little dubious. All we can say at this point is watch this space.

Writing by Max Langridge.