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(Pocket-lint) - Have you ever wished smartphones were never invented?

They're addictive and can consume our lives. Look around yourself at any point in the day, and you'll likely see people walking by on their phones, sitting at their desks on their phones, eating dinner while on their phones, or watching TV while on their phones. You get the point. But, what if you could have a phone that strips away all the stuff in a smartphone that distracts you, such as the internet?

In other words, what if you could have a dumbphone? The only problem is, most of them are ugly as sin, or they're retro-looking devices like the Nokia 3310. Thankfully, there is one option out there for those of you who want a device with only the essentials of a phone but also the beauty of smartphone. Enter: the Light Phone 2. It's a follow-up to the Light Phone, and both are extremely minimal.

They're minimal not only in design, but in features, too. While the first phone ditched the web, texts, email, and camera, only allowing you to make calls and store nine phone numbers, the Light Phone 2 adds a few more features. It has the same matte design, but it dropped the illuminated 10-digit number pad in favour of an E-Ink touchscreen. It also has 4G support and a few other "smart" features.

LightLight Phone 2 is a distraction-free phone with a minimalist design image 2

For instance, it can do text messages. The company behind it is also considering adding basic maps, music, and the ability to hail a ride from Uber and others. The Light Phone 2 is still in the early-days territory, as its specifications, features, and hardware are now being hammered out. It won't even ship until April 2019. You see, it’s currently a crowdfunded product on Indiegogo. Backing it costs $225.

That's the early bird price. It's expected to retail for $400.

Writing by Elyse Betters.