If you’re thinking about upgrading your phone, now’s the perfect time. For Apple fans we’ve just had the iPhone 8 and iPhone X launches, while Android users can look forward to a bevy of new smartphone announcements from Samsung, Huawei, Sony, LG, Motorola, and others. 

But before you go out and buy the Apple iPhone X or that soon be be released Samsung Galaxy S9, make sure you think about what you can do with the old one. Yes, you could just let it gather dust in a draw, or give it to a family member, but what if you could get cash for it to put towards getting a better phone? 

A new recycling website has just launched offering you not only the chance to cash-in your old phone, but also an innovative upgrade service too. Here are seven reasons to check out the new Quick Mobile Fix service

They buy any iPhone, iPad, or Samsung phone 

If your phone’s broken, don’t worry. Unlike many of the site’s competitors, Quick Mobile Fix do not just have a single faulty option they pay out on. The site will happily give you an adjusted price depending on the fault you have. That should give you more chance of making extra money for a faulty device, rather than putting down just as faulty and not getting its true value. 

Competitive pricing 

You want to know that the price you are getting is the best on the market. Quick Mobile Fix prides itself on being competitively priced against others. Every day it checks the prices it offers to make sure it beats it’s competition making sure you get more for your old device. 

Free UK postage

Once you've select your phone or iPad model, and given the relevant details on the spec and condition of it, the company will send you a free postage label (UK customers) for you to send your phone or tablet to them. If you want to send it yourself, that’s cool too. You can use your own courier to get them your old device quickly.


Same day turnaround 

Quick Mobile Fix promise that as soon as they receive your phone or iPad, they will review your device, then  transfer the money the same day! If you’re buying a phone from Quick Mobile Fix, a new phone sent out super fast. Speedy. Once you agree to sell your phone or tablet to Quick Mobile Fix you can get paid straight away by either a Quick Mobile Fix voucher, which gives you an extra 10 per cent, or by bank transfer on the day the device arrives. 

Simple and easy to use website

The guys and girls at Quick Mobile Fix have worked hard to ensure the website is incredibly easy and simple to use with no complicated or confusing options. All you have to worry about is which phone you are going to get next.

Upgrade service

If you are looking to upgrade your phone rather than getting hard cash for it, you can use the company’s fantastic and groundbreaking upgrade service. The service works by selling your phone to Quick Mobile Fix and then simply selecting a phone from the ones the company sells. All you have to do it pay the difference, and better still if you are downgrading your phone, you’ll even get the cash difference too.