There is a new Android app available that reminds us of Google's pricey live wallpapers.

Google sells Live Cases that are customisable and interactive. You can print a map onto the case, and then the case uses near-field communication to transmit a live version of that map as a wallpaper onto your phone. The only problem is, these cases cost $40. But now, you can use a $1.99 Android app to achieve a similar effect.

The app, called Skyline, will turn your current location into your wallpaper. It uses 3D terrain data from Mapbox to show either your current location or specific coordinates to create wallpapers. It can alsoshift the image when you unlock your phone or swipe through your launcher. And there's a parallax effect whenever you tilt your phone.

Th app figures out your exact location through GPS, or it lets you search for a specific spot, then zoom in or out to select your framing, and from Skyline’s settings, toggle on the depth effects.It's a pretty neat way to switch up your Android home screen, and it costs a lot less than Google's similar Live Cases/live wallpapers.

You can grab it now from Google Play Store.