There are lots of exciting new gadgets hitting the shops in the coming weeks, but are you saving the most you can, when you come to part with your cash? Here are five ways you can save big when it comes to buying your favourite tech this Christmas thanks to money-saving site TopCashback.

iPhone X

The iPhone X (pronounced 10) is the company's new and exciting flagship iPhone. Due out in November it's going to cost a fine penny, but buying it through TopCashback means you can get some of that money back. The website is offering new members £115 cashback from those that order the new phone via Carphone Warehouse in the UK on the 27 October and £100 for those that order thereafter. If you're already a TopCashback member you can still save big. Existing members will be able to get £100 cashback on their order of the new iPhone on the 27 October and £85 thereafter. 

SIM Free iPhone

Some like to buy their smartphone on a two-year contract, others like to pay for the phone up front and use their existing SIM only contact. Buy an iPhone from Carphone Warehouse using TopCashback and you'll get up to £35 back. All TopCashback customers will get £20 cashback, while new signups will get a further £15 sign up bonus. Nice. 

Phones at (e.g Samsung Galaxy S8 64GB on O2)

If the new iPhone isn't for you, you can still save on your next smartphone, thanks to It's teamed up with TopCashback to offer £33.60 cashback for all members plus £15 bonus for new customers on upgrades, £26.25 cashback for all members plus £15 sign up bonus for new customers on Pay Monthly, and £10.50 for all members plus the £15 sign up bonus on SIM only. The deals mean you'll save no matter what phone you opt for be it Samsung, LG, or someone else.


Like eBay, like a bargain? Of course, you do, and so does TopCashback. Members new and old will receive 4 per cent cashback for everything they buy on eBay with new members also benefiting from a £15 sign up bonus. Whether it's a Halloween costume, crazy Christmas tree decorations, or something else you've got your eye on, it's like you're getting paid to buy things other people don't want. Sold.


You've always keen to look your best, especially with the Christmas party season fast approaching, and that's where TopCashback has you covered too, literally. Spend on at the online fashion retailer and you'll get 2.1 per cent cashback on electrical items and 7.35 per cent cashback on everything else if you are a new customer, and 1.05 per cent on all purchases (excluding electrical items) if you're an existing customer. Whether that's something for you, your partner, or the kids, you'll maybe even have enough to buy something special for yourself with all the cashback you've earnt. Now where's that party invite?