Your iPhone case might look pretty, but is it tough enough to save your phone if you drop it? What about if you drop it from a great height, say 12ft? Do you think your iPhone would still stand up to the beating?

The military test

Created in 1962 by the U.S. Military, the Military Standard 810-G Drop Test gives manufacturers, and now consumers, a guide as to how a material would hold up to environmental stress during its operational lifetime.

Revised several times over the years, the most recent being Revision G in 2008, it details 28 different testing methods that cover everything from temperature to fungal infestation to how it can withstand gunfire.

Not all tests are relevant to all products, but it gives you the knowledge that to be classified as military tested it has done just that.

In the case of an iPhone case, the most common test within the 810-G classification is the "drop test".

It gauges how well a device holds up to impacts while falling from certain heights and the tests are designed to determine how well a device can put up with general physical abuse while in operation.

To pass the test, testers drop the device on each of its six faces, 12 edges and eight corners, for a total of 26 drops. They visually inspect for damage and determine whether it still works after each drop.

Tough Military Standard 810-G Drop Test Compliant cases

Case manufacturer Zizo makes a number of cases that pass the Military Standard 810-G Drop Test up to a height of 12ft. Here are some of the cases available for your smartphone to ensure it is protected:

Zizo Ion

Zizo Wireless

Just because it's tough doesn't mean it can't be see-thru. The Crystal clear ION case fits a number of the latest smartphones on the market including the Samsung Galaxy Note 8, the iPhone 8, and LG V30 to name a few. Designed to accentuate the already elegant features of your favourite smartphone, the case fits snugly around the phone to provide protection and durability up to and beyond that of military standards. This minimalist styled case provides that excellent protection you're looking for without adding bulk or extra weight. The case includes dust cover ports for enhanced protection and all cases include a free Zizo Curved Tempered Glass Screen Protector in the box.

Zizo Bolt

Zizo Wireless

The Zizo Bolt Case range is designed perfectly to suit all of your needs. Carefully structured to become the ultimate phone case. This heavy-duty, yet lightweight case prevails through bumps, drops, and shocks and is Military Grade Drop Tested. It also comes with a kickstand for hands-free viewing and a 360-degree swivel belt clip for those looking to get to their phone quickly.

Zizo Static

Zizo Wireless

The thinnest Military Grade Drop Tested case around, the Static range of cases from Zizo will protect your phone, be that a Samsung Galaxy S8 or an iPhone 8 Plus, with its cutting-edge design and pure toughness. The inch-perfect mold keeps your phone slim, yet aggressive, while dual-layered TPU and polycarbonate materials provide the much-needed protection from drops. Minimal meets tough.

Zizo Atom

Zizo Wireless

The Zizo Atom Series protects your phone without adding extra bulk. When it comes to finding a reliable smartphone case without the heavy-duty bulk, the Zizo Atom Cover is your go-to choice. This product features Airframe Grade Aluminium and comes equipped with a built-in watermark-proof tempered glass back plate to protect your phone's camera. The Zizo Atom Series is furnished to protect your phone from any angle!

Win an iPhone X

Zizo Wireless is giving one lucky customer an iPhone X. To win all you have to do is visit for more details, and this time next month you could not only have a new iPhone X case, but an iPhone X to put in it.