No, Essential didn't forget about the white model of its phone.

In fact, the company finally plans to start shipping the white model next week. It's begun sending emails out to people who preordered it, saying that the phone is ready and "will start shipping next week.” It also tweeted an image of the Essential Phone, and said it is now available in "Pure White" through Essential, as well as Best Buy, Sprint, and Amazon. Go here to buy it from Amazon US.

Keep in mind this white model is arriving nearly two months after the black model, which started shipping in August after severe delays. Also, last week, Essential admitted its phone's camera has been criticised, so it rolled out an update that should improve photos. It also said a beta of Android Oreo and other features wold arrive soon, but it doesn't have a good track record with release dates.

It's unclear why the Pure White version of Essential Phone has taken so long to arrive. Maybe it was held back on purpose, as a way of grabbing some headlines after major companies like Apple and Google announced their smartphones? Who knows.