It's no secret that cyber security has become increasingly important.

Every other day there is a new breach reported by a major company, or a malicious malware discovered by an expert security researcher. In fact, according to Wondershare, the team behind the TunesGo app that lets you manage music, videos, photos, contacts, messages, apps, and other files on your Apple iPhone or Android device, more than 250,000 new Android malware are created each year.

Wondershare said more than 300 million Android devices have been affected by malware, and that's probably because around 83 per cent of Android users haven’t used added security measures to protect their device. So, Wondershare's TunesGo recently come up with a comprehensive Android virus survival guide for Android device owners. It's a survival guide that's needed now more than ever.

Plus, it has security test you can take, and it has a new Samsung Galaxy S8 up for a grab. In order to participate in the giveaway, all you need to do is take and provide their name and email address. Read on to learn more.

Comprehensive Android virus survival guide

Signs of an infected Android device

If an Android device has been infected by malware, then you'd notice a range of different signs, including a sudden appearance of multiple pop-ups while using the device. These pop-up messages might redirect you to an unsafe URL. Data usage on an infected device can also spike up, even when the phone is idle. You might also notice an unexpected change on your network’s monthly billing.

Other signs of an infected device include a fast-draining battery, unexpected overheating of your Android phone and its battery, a noticeable difference in processing speed and performance, and an unfamiliar appearance of apps, messages, and phone calls.

TunesGo Android security level test

So, familiarise yourself with the various signs of an infected Android device. Doing so will allow you to easily detect if you have any malware on your smartphone or tablet. However, if you're still unsure, TunesGo has also come up with a comprehensive Android security test, which you can access right here. It serves up a handful of questions that will help you determine the security of your device.

Just answer the basic questions, all of which are related to the security level of your Android device.

Measures to protect an Android device from malware attack

OK, so now that you've taken the TunesGo Android security check questionnaire, which lets you know about any vulnerabilities on your device, you should take added steps to protect an Android device from future malware attacks. You should, according to TunesGo, install an anti-malware security app like BitDefender, Ccleaner, or Avast Mobile Security and Antivirus.

These are popular security tools that can be used to protect a device from a malware attack. But remember, while downloading apps from a third-party source, be cautious. Ideally, you should disable all downloads from unknown sources for added security, and try not to download any sensitive information while connected to a public Wi-Fi, most of which are free but also affected by malware.

Next, TunesGo said that, after installing an app from Google Play, you should be careful when granting different permissions to it. And always act immediately if you've found malware by restarting the device in safe mode and manually deleting any infected apps.

Samsung Galaxy S8: Enter the giveaway

Go to the Dr Fone Facebook page, like it, and then like at least 10 posts to be eligible for the giveaway. Then, go to the TunesGo comprehensive Android security test, and then take the test for a chance to win the Samsung Galaxy S8. You will need to answer a few questions, then provide TunesGo with your name and email, and share your unique test result card on Facebook.

The post should include #TunesGo and mention @dr.fone. 

Wondershare TunesGo: A complete Android management tool

At this point, you should be good to go. But don't forget that Wondershare's TuneGo is a complete management tool for Android devices. It can be used to transfer various data files between a computer and an Android device. It supports several data types like photos, videos, audios, messages, contacts, and more. All of this makes TunesGo an ideal tool to manage an Android device.

It's compatible with every major version of Android, and it has a dedicated desktop app for Windows and Mac.