Apple's iTunes software can be susceptible to its fair share of problems on Windows PC. While it tends works fine on Mac, PC users are left to use software that often fails to meet their needs.

WinX MediaTrans is the solution. It's a file manager for Windows PCs that lets you transfer files to iPhone and iPad and vice versa. No matter what your source is, be it photos, 4K/HEVC video, music, iBooks or anything else you can think of, MediaTrans will transfer it all to your iPhone quickly and efficiently. 

It provides greater flexibility than iTunes when it comes to syncing and managing music, playlists and iBooks as you can, for example, add songs to new playlists using drag and drop functionality. 

Download a free licensed copy of WinX MediaTrans (free for a limited time) by clicking here.


Here's everything that WinX MediaTrans can do.

Transfer files to and from your iPhone without iTunes

MediaTrans does everything iTunes can do, and more. You're able to quickly and easily transfer music, videos and photos to your iPhone, but you're also able to transfer them back from your iPhone to your computer. It allows you to move all your files at once or you can choose specific files instead. MediaTrans is capable of backing up 100 4K photos in just 8 seconds. 

It's not just music and videos that MediaTrans can handle either, eBooks, ringtones, voice memos and podcasts can all be moved about at well. Here is a quick step-by-step guide for how to transfer music files to and from an iPhone.


How to transfer music from iPhone to PC:

  1. Click here to download, run and install MediaTrans. Connect your iPhone to your PC
  2. Click "Music Manager" to enter the sub-interface. Choose the songs you want to transfer
  3. Click "Export" button and the songs will be transferred to your PC

How to transfer music from PC to iPhone:

  1. Click "Music Manager" to enter the sub-interface
  2. Create a new music folder by clicking the "+" icon on the left and enter a folder name
  3. Select the new folder, click "Add Music" at the top, then select songs to transfer from your hard drive
  4. Click "Sync" to transfer the files to your iPhone

Videos are automatically converted to the right format


With MediaTrans, you're able to transfer any videos you want onto your iDevice, even if they weren't filmed in a format not supported by iOS. That's because MediaTrans automatically converts any videos you want to transfer to a format the iPhone can understand. Videos are also compressed to an optimal size to fit on your iPhone and iPad, without compromising quality.

Use your iDevice as a USB drive


iTunes only makes it possible to transfer music, videos and podcasts. With MediaTrans, you can transfer all these, but other documents as well. Anything from Excel spreadsheets to PDF files, or practically any other file type you have. MediaTrans can support them all and allow you to put them onto your iPhone in folders that are easy to find.

Remove DRM protection, make iTunes purchases playback on non-Apple devices


Content you buy from the iTunes store, whether it be music or videos, come with DRM protection to restrict where you're able to watch them. MediaTrans lets you remove this protection, so you can transfer your videos to any supported device, or store purchased music files as regular MP3s on your PC. 

Set up your new iPhone quickly and easily

If you're one of the lucky ones to get yourself an iPhone 8, 8 Plus or even an iPhone X, you can use MediaTrans to transfer all of your data and content to it in no time at all. Once you've completed the initial setup on your computer, connect your iPhone 8 or iPhone X to MediaTrans, select the content you wish to transfer and you're away. 

You can get the full version completely free

That's right, you can download a full version of WinX MediaTrans completely free of charge using WinX's Giveaway license. It provides full access to the features and services of MediaTrans, although you won't be able to upgrade to future versions for free. Still, it's a small compromise for what is a fantastic piece of software.