Essential is developing more modules for its phone.

The company has confirmed it is actively developing a high-end audio accessory to support a 3.5mm jack -- something it didn't include on the Essential Phone at launch. The Essential team revealed the news recently during a Reddit AMA. We can also expect the charging dock to be released before the high-end audio device, it claimed, while adding it's working hard to release new products.

For instance, in one comment, an Essential employee said, ”Our head of architecture is in Asia right now getting our high-end audio accessory super dialed. He graciously called me at 3AM today so we could talk about some specifics for our design.” In a follow-up comment, the comopany added, “We are working literally around the clock around the globe to get your awesome new things ready.”

Essential then explained why it ditched the 3.5mm jack on the Essential Phone, also called the PH-1:

"Headphone jacks are pretty big components and they don't play nice with all-screen Phone architectures. We studied it very seriously, but fitting a headphone jack into our Phone required tradeoffs we were uncomfortable with. We'd have grow a huge 'chin' in the display and reduce the battery capacity by 10 percent, or we'd need a huge headphone bump! We decided it was more important to have a beautiful full-screen display in a thin device with solid battery life."

The Essential team also confirmed that Essential Phone owners will receive an update to Android 8.0 Oreo within two months. The company's founder, Andy Rubin, further said the team is working to improve both performance and quality of the camera software via updates to the camera app. He said Essential is using "computational photography to fuse a monochrome and colour sensors."

And, finally, the white ceramic Essential Phone "is coming" - likely a "few weeks" away - and is in "build trials now".