When you update your iOS software, Apple always insists you make a backup. You're welcome to ignore this message, but do so at your own peril, as some data can be lost during the migration to the new software.

If that happens to you, then fear not, as there is a piece of software from iMobie that's easy to use and that can recover any and all of your lost data. It's called PhoneRescue, and here's what it can do.

Recover any lost data after updating to iOS 11


If you're one of the unlucky few who loses some data when upgrading to the latest iOS operating system - due out next Tuesday 19 September - PhoneRescue is the only tool you'll need to get it back. "But I haven't made a backup recently", we hear you cry. Not to worry, as PhoneRescue has proprietary No-Data-Loss scanning technology to recover any files lost since your last backup.

A full guide for how to recover lost iOS data after updating can be found here.

Bring your iPhone or iPad back to life

If after you update your device you're presented with the screen stuck on the Apple logo, or if at any time you're using your phone, it decides to constantly reboot or give you a black screen, PhoneRescue can literally come to the rescue. Instead of forcing a complete factory reset of your iPhone, PhoneRescue can bring it back to life, all without losing any data.


Recover data from virtually anywhere

PhoneRescue can recover data from all manner of sources. It can scan your iOS device if it's working to find any lost documents, photos, videos or contact, but it can also recover data from an iTunes or iCloud backup. This is especially handy if your iOS device has broken and you need to get some data off of it.

Only recover the data you need


PhoneRescue shows you all the lost data it finds in a preview mode, before asking you which files and content in particular you want to recover and restore back onto your iPhone or iPad. This means you're able to permanently delete data you don't need, while being able to better manage your storage with only the content you want. 

You can download the latest version of iMobie PhoneRescue for Mac or Windows PC by clicking here

PhoneRescue is available for Android devices too. A full guide for each manufacturer can be found here